We are able to get a few more kilos of NATIVE GARLIC from their farmers of Brgy. Bantug, Gabaldon, after that there is no more. They will be using what remains for planting. We broke open one of the bulbs and the cloves are firm, oily and very aromatic. High quality! We are happy for you to have this—8 kilos of Native Garlic, pay only P300/kilo. Only 8 members can avail.

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We’re buying Native Bawang from the farmers of Brgy. Bantug, Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. 20 kilos have been sold so far. What we are doing today is asking Rochelle and her husband Romeo to go around and buy the Native Bawang for us. They are making some money doing that and the farmers are getting paid the right price for their Bawang. We’re surprised thought that they brought along the baby, precariously held in the crook of her arm like that. Anyway, we’re going to get another 20 kilos from Bantug. Would you like to get a kilo or two too?

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