LANGKA LIFE IS THE GOOD LIFE. If you scrolled down the RuRi Page and Group, you will see Langka on every other post. Our group loves Langka! It can be an evergreen produce. However Langka can be tiring. On our side, it can be tiring to Snap Buy individual pieces of Langka. On the buyer’s side, it can be tiring to mince the Langka to get the edible parts out. So what to do? Have the farmers mince the Langka for us and pack the Langka in one-kilo tubs. All we need to do is pop and enjoy.
Here is how they are doing it, mincing the Langka with expert ease. No more hit and miss on what’s inside, they’ll send us only the best parts—perfectly ripe and succulent—from the best Langka pieces. To get the Langka this way gives the farmers of Malvar, Batangas more income—the labor to split, mince and pack doubles their income from the actual sale of the fruit. We like that! They will be shipped to RuRi House in ice, and from the ice chest, to our freezers. You will get the Langkas frozen in their tubs. The seeds will be given to you too, on the side. Boil them with a pinch of salt, they taste so much like almonds.

GROUP BUY. We are looking for as many Rural Rising members to buy 2 kilos of Langka, Minced and Frozen, pay only P501.

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