MIDNIGHT MANDARIN SNAP BUY. Incredibly, these came to us the way unexpected gifts go, the very last of the SATSUMA ORANGES (JAPANESE MANDARINS) from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya.

Three days before Christmas, we were offered the last Valencia oranges of the year. We accepted and waited five days…for nothing. As it turned out, the farmer’s long time buyer pestered and pestered until he got his way. We lost our 800 kilos, we planned to offer them to you for the New Year, we had nothing. We were so disappointed that we said exactly the same thing to the farmer. Oh, well.

Imagine our delight today when an Ifugao farmer named Seset Balod Sr.—whose trees we found out later were not even in the Malabing Valley optimal growth zone but in some far-off barangay—called to ask if we wanted to buy some Satsumas.

“Gumatang kayo iti satsumas?” (Will you buy Satsumas?)

“Intonton July?“ (In July?) We asked if it would be for the next season.

“Haan. Ada-tata 300 kilos. Nasam-it.” (No. I have 300 kilos now. Sweet.)

He got us at WILL. Will you you get some? Haha.

SNAP BUY, 10 kilos of SATSUMA ORANGES (JAPANESE MANDARIN) from Kasibu Nueva Vizcaya packaged in a pandan leaf bayong from the weavers of Luisiana, Laguna.

PAY 1,499. 25 lots only.

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