MARANG RESCUE BUY: We are looking for 30 Rural Rising members to help us help an Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya farmer with his Marangs. It’s P620 for 5 kilos of good-quality Marangs. 

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JOLINA MARANGS. With #TyphoonJolina gone, the calls started coming in from vegetable farmers in Nueva Vizcaya and Nueva Ecija. Among the most urgent requests was from Brgy. Yaway, in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya, for MARANGS. Tthe farmers decided to harvest all their Marangs in order to safeguard them from the violent weather. What happened after that is a glut in Marang. Too many farmers selling Marangs, not enough buyers—this is the problem of farmers of everything else everywhere there is a storm. One farmer we would like to help in particular, Mang Ferdie Gabay who has 300 kilos of Marang in his house. How happy he was when we said that Rural Rising shall take his Marangs. We are quite happy to do it, no hesitation, after we saw how big and quality his Marangs are. These are actually the biggest Marangs we’ve seen so far, you can mistake them for langka. We know that our people will be happy to have them.


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