IT’S BACK AND IT’S ON SALE! Lisbon Lemons and Honey. We’re expecting 200 kilos of freshly-harvested LISBON LEMONS to arrive today. Here na by late afternoon. Sill not he bush right now, with us later, you cannot get them any fresher than this. Our last Group Buy for this sold out very quickly. What is not to like or love? Fresh picked traditional lemons and freshly-gathered authentic honey. Use them together to make a most delicious and flu-fighting lemonade or use them separately for other delicious purposes. So if you missed the last Group Buy, I hope you get your stock this time.

Background: Honey was harvested and attested by the Dumagat tribesmen of Gabaldon-Aurora. We asked how this honey was harvested and we were treated to a visual storytelling that the tribe uses to teach the younger children. Watch where we gently challenged the honey’s purity and the chorus of “Wala pong halo yan! Puro po yan!”. The video ends where the elder says that this honey was actually medicine to the tribe, and they would gladly keep it if only they were not in perpetual poverty. Makes you feel it’s a privilege for us to have this honey and offer it to our own tribe, and it is. Take some and be strong and healthy. We’ll pair it with those excellent Lisbon Lemons so you can make HONEY LISBON LEMON JUICE.

DUMAGAT HONEY AND LISBON LEMON. Two (2) bottles of Dumagat Honey and 3 kilos of Lisbon Lemon. This is super cheap, but only for today. Regular price for honey is 250 per bottle. Regular price for Lisbon lemons is 200 per kilo.
Today, pay only P700 pesos. 40 LOTS ONLY.

This is cheap, but only for today ha? Regular price for honey is 250 per bottle. Regular price for Lisbon lemons is 200 per kilo. Save 400 pesos!

***Founder Members get 4 kilos of Lisbon Lemons. Save 600 pesos.

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