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HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF LINUKLOKOT? We all know that the country’s best coffee comes from the Cordilleras, but sugar too? Until last year we did even not know that sugar cane is able to grow this high up in the mountains. The by-product is called “Linuklokot” and it is delicious! It has made all the difference in the jams we are making and the coffee we are drinking. The harvest is very small and grown only once a year in order for what little arable land there is to be devoted to more staple food like rice and kamote. The Linuklokot is consumed almost entirely locally with only a very small surplus. How beautiful the story of Linuklokot is. When a farmer’s harvest comes due, the community comes out to help in a manual, labor-intensive process. Crushing, shredding, clarifying, filtering, boiling, crystallising, centrifuging, drying, and finally packaging, everyone gives a share of himself and takes a little for himself. The same farmer helps his neighbour in turn, and so on. It’s true bayanihan.
This gentle woman came to us in Calle Uno/Rural Rising Baguio with a dilemma about her share of the Linuklokot. This pandemic has dried up all the demand for Linuklokot and she is at her wits end how to sell it. She learned about Rural Rising by word-of-mouth and travelled many hours from Abra to bring to us her sacks of Linuklokot. We kept thinking while she was talking to/pleading with us. “What if we said no?” But we did not. Not quite a “suntok sa buwan”, we are sure that the group will see us through and help us help her.

SNAP BUY: LINUKLOKOT. We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to get a kilo of Linuklokot and pay only P205

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