TANGLAD TO MEET YOU ALL. What we have here are 100 KILOS OF LEMONGRASS (TANGLAD). If you got some of those wonderful Lisbon Lemons or if you have some other kind of lemons floating around, you should grab some of these. Make warm lemon grass lemonade, stuff a chicken’s belly with lemon grass, one or the other, it will be the best thing to ever happen to you this week.
The smiling lady in the picture is Ritchell Tamayo in a common farm near the boundary of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. These rolling hills of lemongrass, this is where she harvested our stock just this afternoon. Very fresh. RuRi House if filled with the smell of wonderful. If you must Snap Buy just one thing this week, Snap Buy these lemon grass.
So SNAP BUY one bundle of fresh-cut LEMON GRASS, five kilos in weight, pay only 498 pesos.

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