GIVE YOURSELVES A TREAT! We’re home in Baguio for a few days. We asked our farmers if they had strawberries. And do they?! We’ll take back 100 kilos in the car, not sure if its Saturday or Monday. If you are willing to wait and willing to entrust us your money, some of those 100 kilos are yours.

These are the berries. They are called King Berries, from single-family of strawberry farmers from Barangay Madaymen in Kibungan, Benguet. The size and quality will be like this and perhaps even better especially that we are giving advance notice today. Notice that they’re not fully ripe which is exactly the way they should be to give us the time to travel them to RuRi House. The car will be very cold, Andie and I shall be wearing hoodies, that’s how cold. There the chillers will be running and waiting to keep them fresh for you once they arrive at RuRi House.

SNAP BUY: One white tray of King Berries, five (5) scrumptious kilos onside, pay 3,350. Twenty lots only.

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