KALABASA SALE!!! Remember Nono, that legless farmer who grew the seedless watermelon? We even made a poem about him. He’s come us this morning with five tons of KALABASA, and he is hoping we can help him once again. Nono is one of those farmers that we would like to help as much as we can, as often as he can because he inspires us. 

This is Nono and the watermelons. And this is son Edmar, one of our farmers at Camp Mingan, speaking about his father. We are getting a video of Nono asking the group for help, you all know what he is going to say and what kalabasas look like. We’d like to go ahead and see if the group can help it.

RESCUE BUY: KALABASA. We would like to take the group to Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija and help a resilient legless farmer sell his KALABASA. We’ll give them at Sale Prices but give him a good price in order to help him. Give P400 and in return get 20 kilos. Founder members get 25 kilos. 

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