IT’S A KINODAY KIND O’ DAY. What we have here are 19 bottles of KINODAY (CORDILLERA HAM) from Kabayan, Benguet expertly made by one of the village leaders, Berna Sabo. Here, during our visit to their place, she explains the taste difference between beef kinoday and pork kinoday, complete with an unintended sexual innuendo. But she’s right. All our senses are involved in the eating experience, and after the tongue, it’s the nose that helps us enjoy and appreciate food. The smell of Kinoday come from the leaves they use to smoke it in order to preserve it. If you like bacon extra-smokey flavor, this is for you.

So what Berna did was rub the meat in salt then smoked it over her wood-fired stove using a mix of dried leaves. She then went an extra step by thin-slicing and pickling the kinuday in a broth of carrots, onions, paprika and garlic from her garden. It’s quite delicious, this bottled kinuday paired directly with rice and or stir-fried with some veggies. The first batch we brought back from this trip sold out to our members in minutes on Snap Buy.

We have these 19 bottles in our office in Calle Uno Baguio, ready to travel to RuRi House in a couple of days. This is the taste of the Cordilleras in a bottle. Try. One lot is 2 bottles. One for you to try, another probably to gift—also in order for your Lalamove/Grab fee to make sense.

So SNAP BUY: 2 BOTTLES OF KINODAY, P500. 8 lots available.

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