ANG LOLO KONG LANUT. The elderly Ifugao farmer who is planting these Japanese Sweet Potatoes has kindly agreed to give us some lanut (slips). We think this has made the Japanese Sweet Potatoes even more desirable to buy, the idea of being able to plant this in the garden. Surely they will grow, surely this is rare. Where else can you get slips to plant if not from the farmers that Rural Rising is helping? So next week we shall get some more—the Japanese Sweet Potatoes and the Lanuts. Word of advise: No need to soak the lanuts in water, plant directly on the ground. Post pictures soon to see how the plants are thriving. If you’re not doing too well, get some more lanuts and Japanese Sweet Potatoes and do it better.

PRICED CHEAPER: JAPANESE SWEET POTATO AND LANUT. We are looking for Rural Rising members who will support another truck to Aglipay, Quirino with P525, and when it gets back receive as share 5 kilos of Bintong and some lanut. Founder members get 6 kilos of Bintong. 

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