JAMBERRY IS BLUEBERRY JAM. You’ve heard of truffles and how they use trained pigs in Europe to sniff them out of the ground, right? A truffle hunter must be very quick to present a tasty treat for the valuable fungus every time his talented helper locates one. I can imagine that the case may be something like these with LOCAL BLUEBERRIES from Mr. Province. The berries are hand-picked by farmer children near the family rice paddies in Barangay Mainit in Bontoc and along the gorges of Mt. Ampacao in Brgy. Amabasing, Sagada where they are more plentiful. Children being children, they can’t help but pop more of these sweet-sour berries in their mouths than they take home for the jam pot. And who can blame them? We are pretty sure they you would too. What do their mothers do? Well, bribe them with store-bought sweets in exchange for a bigger berry take, that’s what they do.

Available for the first time at Rural Rising! We are very pleased to be able to bring these to the group—LOCAL, ORGANIC BLUEBERRY JAM. Only 24 bottles available. 220ml per bottle. They arrive tonight, available tomorrow just in time to join you for Sunday brunch. These are the actual blueberries, and these are the jams they became.
We’ll pair them with the excellent Dumagat Honey and a bottle of Dumagat Pineapple Vinegar.

GROUP BUY: JAMBERRY. We are looking for 24 members to buy 1 bottles of Blueberry Jam, 1 bottle of Dumagat Honey and 1 bottle of Dumagat Pineapple Vinegar, and pay only P500.

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