Halloween Pumpkins


HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS. In most of our rescue buys, we appealed for people to eat more of the produce we are rescuing. “Please will you eat more papaya this weeK? Please will you drink more calamansi juice this week?”, we’ve asked this of you and you have always responded.

This week, we are helping the pumpkin farmers of Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija. Three tons are arriving today. Andie and I won’t ask you to eat more pumpkins. We know that you do and this is judging from the amount of pumpkins bread, cakes, flans and soups that are making their way back to RuRi House. (Everything is so good, we have to start na a store where the gifted can sell what they make to the rest of us normal people, but that’s another conversation)

PLEASE WILL YOU CARVE A HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN THIS WEEK? It’s Halloween next week and you would need a pumpkin to celebrate that, right? What you cannot carve, please serve on your table or put it on the tables of our less fortunate kababayans.

SPECIAL PRICING on pumpkins this week, as follows: 40KG of pumpkin, pay only 550.

And a PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST. 50 pieces of pumpkins as a prize. Post a picture of your carved pumpkin. We’ll put them in an album and let everyone vote on the best one. Entry with the most number of votes wins 50 pieces of pumpkins as a prize.

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