GIVE HONEY WHERE IT’S DEW. All this time we thought GOLDEN HONEY DEW MELONS are imported into the Philippines. This is because they are quite rare and if you are able to find them, quite expensive. We’ve had a chance to carry Golden Honey Dew Melons a few weeks prior, those were good. But these babies, these are way better. We know they are, we have had a chance to compare. You know they are, they are coming from the same farmer that grew the MELONS WITH WARRANTY. His name is Aaron Cacho of San Jose, Nueva Ecija. That’s him right there with both Mega Melons and Golden Honey Dew Melons and in the second picture, him holding a Golden Honey Dew Melon. Here is our melon cooling it under the free-flowing water of Camp Mingan for an hour. Here is our melon opened to the sound of “Oh What a Night” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Our Spotify carbon dates us but these Golden Honey Dew Melons, they will make you feel young and youthful.

We’re looking for a few members to join a SNAP BUY for San Jose Golden Honey Dew Melons (they’re in RuRi House now!) and pay P500 for 3 kilos. Founder Members, for all they are doing to help push the group forward, shall get an extra melon.

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