This year has been especially hard for our farmers. They will shed tears of joy to receive this.

GIFT OF HOPE. A few months ago, Ted Failon had me on his morning show. I don’t know if you were able to watch it but I embarrassingly shed tears of joy, right there on national TV. Kasi ba naman, he asked me what Rural Rising needed, I said it was a truck, and within minutes a listener on his show gave us a truck. That listener was Rommel Sytin, the CEO and President of mega-vehicle importer United Auctioneers Inc. When you are the one always giving, the feeling of receiving is so overwhelming pala. Rommel gave me the Gift of Hope for what we are doing at RuRi. We understand now why some farmers, long-accustomed to being taken advantaged of, cry when they receive something from us—a good price price, a small bag of groceries, or old cellphones from us. We are giving them the Gift of Hope.

For this coming Christmas, we’d like to open the link na for GIFT OF HOPE TAMPIPI (GOH Tampipi).

The GOH Tampipi contains the Rural Rice-ing Set (4 kinds of grains — Black, Red and Brown Rice and Adlai). Comes with a nice RuRi ribbon and a gift card explaining what we are doing as a group to help the farmers. Each GOH Tampipi costs P1,499. Claim it or have us send it to your recipients on any of these days in December 16, 23 and 30, 2022.

What’s best about GOH is that it comes with a matching bag of groceries, a big one, for a whole farmer family. 1:1 — A Tampipi for you, a Christmas Bag for a happy farmer family. This year has been especially hard for our farmers. They will shed tears of joy to receive this.

Get your Gift of Hope Tampipi here:

This is our visit to the farms last year as we distributed our group’s gifts to the farmers. Some hugged and cried as you can see, some gifted us with dance and song. It felt very good and. a little overwhelming. We have a lot more farmers now compared to last year, there are many more people we can make happy this year.

God bless you. May your family have an unforgettable Christmas. God bless our farmers, will you give them an unforgettable Christmas?

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