GIFT OF HOPE. A few weeks ago, Ted Failon had me on his morning show. I don’t know if you watched it but it was where I shed tears of joy on national TV. Kasi ba naman, he asked me what Rural Rising needed, I said it was a truck, and within minutes someone gave us a truck. The you are so accustomed to giving, the feeling of receiving is overwhelming. “Ang daming mabait sa mundo” I wanted to say that but all I could manage, so overcome with emotion was “Salamat po, maraming salamat po”. I understand now why seem farmers tear up when they receive something from us—a good price price for their harvest, occassionally a small bag of groceries, toys or old cellphones for the children. When you are so accustomed to people taking from you, kindness can be overwhelming.

This Christmas we shall do it again and the giving will involve the most kind-hearted of our members. Will you give a GIFT OF HOPE Tampipi or GIFT OF HOPE Bayong this Christmas?

The GOH Tampipi contains the Rural Rice-ing Set (5 kinds of grains — Black, Red and Brown Rice, Adlai and Pinipig) . The GOH Bayong contains the best of Rural Rising fruits, vegetables and jams.

Each GOH Tampipi or GOH Bagong costs P1,499. Claim it or have us send it to your recipients on any of these days in December: December 3, 10 and 17.

Every GOH purchase comes with matching bag of groceries, big one, for a farmer family. One is to one. Our farmers, some facing a hard Christmas, will shed tears of joy.

Get or gift your Gift of Hope Tampipi or Gift of Hope Bayong here.

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