DUMAGAT HONEY AND VINEGAR. What we have here are three “quarto cantos” bottles containing two kinds of delicious liquids, albeit non-alcoholic. One is sour, the other sweet. BANANA VINEGAR and HONEY. One source—a family of Dumagats, the indigenous people of Dingalan, Aurora. We came upon this stock completely by chance. So what happened was our truck was parked at the Dingalan-Gabaldon boundary, where the “I ❤️ Dingalan” sign is. The father Dumagat approached our driver to ask if they could be allowed to hitch a ride at the back.

“Only up to the public market.” He said. “Can we give you this?” It was a bottle of this banana vinegar. He agreed and took the bottle as payment. At some point that day, we called him to ask where he was and he told us about the Dumagats as a by-the-way.

“Taste it.” We told him, “And if it’s good, drive back to where you dropped them off and buy everything they have to sell.”

That’s what he did. Here we are. He forgot to ask where they are from so this might likely be our only encounter with them. Just 10 lots. We’d like to offer these BANANA VINEGARS AND HONEY in a Snap Buy so everyone gets a fair chance to enjoy them. One lot per buyer only.

SNAP BUY: Two bottles of Honey and one bottle of banana vinegar from a Dumagat family of Dingalan, Aurora, pay only P520. AVAILABLE NOW AT RURI HOUSE.

First 10 members to say “MINE” and send proof of payment gets it. Sale is final when you say “MINE”. Proof of payment expected immediately. Congratulations to the lucky Snap Buyers.

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