THE CRY OF BALINTOCATOK. A watermelon must be this special that you would give a special human name to it. DIANAS. It fits. Yellow skin outside, red flesh inside, it’s a contradiction resolved by sweetness. We are able to get a few hundred kilos of this special variety of Watermelons, from a place with a special name: Barangay Balintocatok. After tasting it for the first time, Andie cried that it is as sweet as any she has tasted. Quite surprising that most juicy fruits are “matabang” because of these monsoon rains but in Isabela, it has not been raining. These Dianas have had a chance to grow and grow sweet. I believe that Rural Rising has a new winner on its hands.

These are the actual watermelons and this is our farmer Greg Pungan.

SNAP BUY: DIANA WATERMELONS. We are looking for a watermelon-loving Rural Rising members support a trip to Balintocatok to get a truckload of special Diana Watermelons with P500. When the truck gets back, get 4 kilos of Watermelons. FMs get 4.5 kg.

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