Crate Hope is 10 kilos of the best and freshest highland vegetables. It comes with another 10 kilos of basic vegetables that we shall donate in your name to the Community Pantries. The price you is pay is just P1,500. It’s a vegetable box with a CONSCIENCE. When it was still possible to walk into RuRi House, you can pick any 10 kilos of vegetables and pay a fixed price. You can imagine how fun that was. Whole families came to do it together and couples young and old discovered it to be a novel dating activity. Knowing that your Crate Hope comes with a donation components makes it even more satisfying. Rural Rising donates 10 kilos of basic vegetables to severely COVID-impacted barangay, usually Payatas and Tatalon, and recently to the Community Pantries. When the government’s safety restrictions forced us to close the “private palengke” at RuRi House, Andie and I personally did the Crate Hope for the members. Their joy is in the unboxing and our joy is knowing that we mostly succeed. So we’re bringing it back, the well-loved Crate Hope, because we all need joy. We’ll do 100 boxes this week this time to help farmers from all over Benguet. Andie and I are here in Baguio, visiting the farms. The vegetables look fantastic with days of fine weather and constant care. It will be our hands and minds preparing your Crate Hopes.

We are looking for Rural Rising members who love Crate Hope or who would like to try a Crate Hope, 10 kg of assorted  fruits and vegetables, 10 kg of basic vegetables donated to a Community Pantry, pay only P1,500.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: EVERY FRIDAY/SATURDAY (Subject to logistic and supply availability)


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