GROUP BUY: CRATE HOPE AT P999. We have three motivations this week.

One, we would like to help barangays Paeyo in Besao and Ankileng in Sagada which have recently come out of a weeks-long sedey or a cultural lock down. For the duration of the time these barangays are buttoned up, the vegetable trading have come to a virtual stop. We’ll be one of the first buyers for vegetables that have had time to grow.

Second, we would like to help a cabbage farmer in Atok, Benguet whose crop was damaged by plunging temperatures—as low as 10.4ºC last weekend. We would like to give him a good price for what remains of his crop to help him recover some of his loss.

Finally, we would like to donate not just to one but to four depressed Metro Manila communities this week. To do that, we must send out more Crate Hopes so we can get the donation component. We allocate 10 kg of basic vegetables for every Crate Hope, if you remember.

These are are our motivations for this week. Let us give you your motivation. ALL CRATE HOPES ARE PRICED-DOWN TO 999! Get 10 kg of vegetables, pay only 999. We shall donate 10 kg of vegetables to four communities this week.

GROUP BUY: 1 CRATE HOPE FOR 999. We are looking for 30 members to 10 kg of assorted fresh vegetables and pay only P999.

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