When your own cow refuses to eat anymore tomatoes, no one really wants your tomatoes.

We’ve proven this to be false. Our members like these tomatoes. Two tons! That’s how much COWMATIS has sold this week. That’s a miracle for these desperate farmers, now smiling. These are the kamatis at RuRi House. We would like to take two more tons for COWMATIS # 2. Please will you continue to support the farmers in this worsening time of over production? The new delivery date is FRIDAY, March 19, 2021. Like before, we’ll divide the order between north and south, the farmers of Sto, Tomas, Batangas and the farmers of Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya. Believe us when we tell you that we are making a dent in the problem.

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LYCOPAIN. When you start seeing pictures of farm animals eating unsold tomatoes, you know that the overproduction problem is getting really bad. When you see tomatoes being sold at P30 “per crits”, you know the farmers are f****d. And when you see pictures of perfectly edible tomatoes thrown along the national highway, you know you’ve seen this before last year, you know the ending will be very bad for the farmers. No matter where you are, south or north, if you are a tomato farmer in the Philippines, you are feeling pain.

We are hereby declaring a COWMATIS # 2: KAMATIS RESCUE BUY. We’re looking for 100 members to support this. Please friends, if you can part with 505 pesos, will you take 20 kilos? 25 kilos if you like. We’ll give it all to the farmers we are helping in Batangas and Nueva Vizcaya. Make salsa or sundry dry. Gift them to friends and neighbours or leave them at the village gate for anyone to get. If we had twenty members with us for this, it will be enough. If we had a hundred, it will be a small miracle for these farmers.

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