RUN CHICKEN RUN! We are gathering funds for to buy chickens, this is what we are doing. Andie and I shall be travelling to Lassam, Cagayan to personally bring crates of Sasso chicks to eight farm worker families that are experiencing debilitating hunger now. With the planting season over and the work gone, we have been told that the children are eating once a day—and even that at the grudging compassion of equally starving neighbours. We shall travel next week on a mission of mercy to represent our group. Two days ago, we had enough money for 8 crates. The overflowing compassion that exists inside this group has doubled these crates to benefit 14 families. We are hoping and praying to bless 20 families there, and this how we are going to do it—we’re going to play a game. It’s called the RURI SHOP CHICKEN RUN The Player is the lucky member who wins the RuRi Shop Run Raffle.

The Player stands at the gate of RuRi House, in his or her hands a packing crate. At the buzzer, player shall sprint into the store and grab any item inside the crates. The timer will run for SEVENTY FIVE (75) seconds at the end of which the player must get himself/herself back to the starting point with the crate. Everything in the crate is his or hers to keep.

1. Player can wear any athletic outfit that enhances his or her performance
2. Player can bring a cheering squad to boost his or her game spirit
3. Player can designate an immediate family member to substitute

RURI SHOP RUN RAFFLE—we have 100 NUMBERS, P200 PER NUMBER. Choose a number or as many numbers as you want. We’ll do a manual raffle via FB Live after all 100 numbers are taken. Send VIA GCASH ONLY (0917 565 5747). You must indicate the numbers you like in the remarks area. If the number is taken, we shall choose the nearest numbers for you. If you do not indicate a number, we shall choose one for you. Proceeds of this Chicken Run will allow us to make our own Chicken Run to Cagayan, bringing crates of Sasso chicks and more importantly, hope.

GAME DATE: March 18, 2021

GAME PLACE: RURAL RISING PH @ Better World Diliman, 72 Maayusin Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City

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