The farmers and the weather have delivered. We have CARROTS na tomorrow. (But dispatch will be on Friday ha?) The weather has cooperated with us today and the farmers were able to pull the Carrots out of the ground and give them a few hours of air dry time. These Carrots are UNWASHED ha? You will need to run them a few seconds longer under the sink but they will be so worth it, we promise. This is the CARROT REVENGE BUY a rude finger to smuggled carrots that are taking away an already limited market from our local farmers. Taking for making this gesture with us. We hope that it is has been satisfying for you as it was to us.

You want to hear something nice? These carrots are sourced from Mt. Trail in Kibungan, Benguet. This is one of the coldest places in the Philippines, where the strawberries grow big and sweet. This special weather has the same effect on the carrots. These carrots will be sweet! PERFECT FOR JUICING.

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