IMBES NEGATIVE REPORTERS. Andie and I crawled out of bed like molasses at the ungodly hour of 2 AM in order to be at the La Trinidad Trading Post by 3. Would-be investigative journalists, we wanted to better understand the problem of carrots in Benguet. Here in the busy, darkened alleyways we found the truth. THERE IS NO LOCAL OVER-PRODUCTION. There is only a foreign disruption. This one province of Benguet can feed a nation all the carrot is needs, probably even export a small excess. The distressing images of unsold carrots being dumped or farmers in dire distress, they are caused by the entry, legal or otherwise, of imported carrots. The working but fragile system that we saw today quickly falls into disarray when the flow of buyers stop coming, when they.have been lured away at source by foreign and cheaper carrots. Today’s carrots keep coming, yesterday’s carrots stop selling, unsold carrots start piling up…and piling up…and piling up. This is what we learned. This positively reinforces Rural Rising’s model of buying directly from the farmers and paying them the price to grow plus an equity for time, hope and sweat, irregardless of what middlemen say their carrots are worth today or tomorrow at the Trading Post.

CARROT BULK RESCUE. We are looking for Rural Rising members who can join us in a Bulk Buy for Benguet-grown carrot. We believe this effort will help them greatly. Should you decide to donate them to your community pantries or needy communities in Metro Manila, you would be doing great charity.

The price is P2,999 for 100 kilos of freshly-harvested carrots. FREE DELIVERY. The purchase date will be on Tuesday, January 18, 2021. Our target volume is 10 tons.


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