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CANASTA WHAT? Spanish speaking countries have something called the CANASTA BASICA, translated as “Basic Basket”. It’s a list of basic food items that is used to track inflation or measure the value of money over time. Here in the Philippines, we use “galunggong” fish in a similar manner. (“Ang galunggong nga XX pesos na per kilo, mas mahal/mura kaysa nakaraang taon.”) Canasta Basica are the same basic kitchen ingredients that you need to go out for to buy every week. Regardless of what meals you have planned to cook, you will always need to have these in the house but not always because when you’re already at the supermarket surrounded by thousands of distractions, they’re the things you forget. “It’s impossible for a woman to go out and buy just a carton of milk,” someone wise said and that is so true. So what if we took care of that for you so you would not have to think about it ever again, so won’t ever forget, so won’t need to expose yourself unnecessarily and bring home something invisible with you? What if we send your vegetables to you on a set day every week so you’re able to focus on other equally important matters in the house, how valuable would that be to you?

SO LET’S LAUNCH IT. Canasta Basica is subscription of the best and basic food ingredients from Rural Rising. Subscribe to convenience? For sure. Subscribe to helping the farmers? For real. It would allow us to go to them and essentially say plant a crop and don’t worry about who to sell it to or how much to sell it for. If they commit to quality and delivery schedule, Rural Rising shall commit to volume and price. 

The Canasta Basica is delivered every Friday or Saturday of the week.

Canasta is a monthly subscription that you can renew whenever you want just pay order here.

**Delivery is free for Founder Members.

GET YOUR CANASTA HERE. We are looking for ALL Rural Rising members to subscribe to a Canasta Basica to help the farmers have a sustainable income. 

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