Calabasa ng Pagasa Rescue


WE HAVE A DILEMMA. Last week, a squash farmer from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya pleaded with us to buy his harvest (see printscreen). His name is Johhny Maddawat. We agreed to pay his price and made arrangements to backload his squash on a friend’s truck which happens to be passing through the area today. When Johnny’s neighbours saw him piling his squash by the side of the road and heard that a buyer’s truck was coming—a rare occassion in the time of COVID—they started harvesting their own squash from the fields and started building their own piles too! At this moment, in Sitio Longpond, Brgy. Kongkong, Kasibu town, Nueva Vizcaya province, giant piles of squash—and hopeful farmers—are lined along the side of the road waiting, hoping for our truck. But we did not order them! That small truck, it cannot take even half of the squash that we are seeing in the pictures sent to us. We’re posting the pictures. This is Johnny, the farmer we are trying to help. These are his squash, still on the vine as late as yesterday. And the next pictures are his neighbours and their squash. Lots and lots of squash.

What to do? This is much more than we ever projected to dispatch this weekend, especially when we are back in Baguio and away from RuRi House. Surely a buyer has no obligation to buy something he did not order. We can leave the other squash where they are and get only Johnny’s, no problem. But can we in good conscience do that? What will happen to these squash if we refuse to take them? What will happen if the villagers cannot find other buyers?

This is a dilemma, but not a nightmare. Rural Rising MUST take them, bahala na, there is no way we could leave them. We’ll bring them to Manila and leave you members to take as much as you want. What you cannot take anymore, we shall donate.

WE ARE HEREBY ANNOUNCING A RESCUE BUY. Pay 499, get as much as 30 kilos. You don’t have to take them all, you can leave some for the other members or we can add them to the donation pile. Members who cannot buy at this time, tell us which organisation of good would be happy to take them, where they will make the most impact on sore-pressed humanity.

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