CHEAPER THAN KADIWA. We are putting together one truck to do a CARROT AND CABBAGE Rescue Buy™. P299 lang for 8 mixed kilos of Carrots and Cabbages. Helps several farmers in Benguet. The trip will be on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

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About this Rescue Buy:

We buy from individual small farmers and pay them the right price. As much as we can, we buy from farmers who are ARB’s (Agrarian reform beneficiaries). There may be variances in the sizes of the produce that come to you, and this is because we try to buy from as many number of farmers as we can, even if it’s for a few kilos. We hope you don’t mind getting a little dirty. The carrots will be unwashed and the cabbages will have full wings, so they keep better during transport and so you get a good price. We often park the truck beside the field and load it right there. Our systemis not the best system and we have absolutely no economy of scale, but we are happy to be able to help farmers this way. If you expect a flawless buyer’s experience, Rural Rising’s model may not be for you, for this we are very sorry. If you still want to help despite this caution, may God bless you most abundantly.

CARROTS AND CABBAGES — P299 for 8 kilos

Helps several farmers in Benguet

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