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RIDER EDITION NAMAN. We all have a soft spot for our riders, those hard working men and women who are virtually the lifeblood this pandemic economy. Without them, how could we have survived the lockdown, how could we go on with life now that our lives have become dependent on them. Imagine the risks and the hardships they go through on the road to bring us our food, our medicine, our groceries, or our vegetables. We have, at RuRi, the occasional Rider Hero Day but that’s a kilo or so of vegetables. What we would give them a chance to Box-All-You-Can! Is this something you would like to do?

Announcing the BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN RIDER EDITION. This is your chance to thank and recognize the valiant Rider Heroes by giving them a box of their own. If you are looking to do one good deed this week, can it be this?

Gift a Box-All-You-Can to a rider:

How we will do this: We’ll collect names and mobile numbers of riders coming to RuRi House and RuRi South. We’ll put the names in a Digital Raffle and select 10 to 20 riders who will do Box-All-You-Can. On the appointed day, the riders will come to fill their boxes.

Thank you for your kind and generous hearts, RuRi. Here is the video for the BAYC for UP TOKI/IKOT drivers and for the Guards and Janitors. We shall soon post a similar one for the riders. Mabuhay po kayo.

#RurralRisingPh #BoxAllYouCan

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