BOGO WORM POOP. Only for this Christmas and because this may be the only time you can work the garden in earnest, we shall do a Buy One, Get One on NATIVE EARTHWORM POOP (or Vermicast). Buy 10 kilos, get 10 kilos free. This was our trip to Tarlac where we discovered an island with millions of native earthworms underfoot—not those imported Africa Night Crawlers—native ones. Black gold, these clumps of pure earth processed though the digestive systems of native earthworms, fertilizer with the highest concentration of humic acid—U.P. Los Banos says so.. This gentleman farmer has found a way to harvest the poop efficiently, using old nets laid on the ground. One tug, the material comes free for easy hand-bagging. We’ve said that this will Jack-and-the-beanstalk your plants, and we were surprised how true that was. It almost immediately worked for a young Lisbon lemon tree, newly transplanted, there was no way it would start pushing out flower buds—but it did two days after we piled this wonder material on its’s base. Imagine that!

So SNAP BUY, buy 10 kilos of NATIVE WORM POOP, get 10 kilos free, pay only 300. For a total of 20 kilos.

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