THROWING AWAY MONEY. A lot of members have been exulting at how big and perfectly ripe the LEMONS are. One of them, a dessert company called Tondough. What you members dough not know is that for every two lemons you hold up, one lemon we have had to throw away. Heartbreak. Last week, we rescued 2,000 kilos of Lemons, and 600 kilos of that “died” on the road for lack of crates. We’ve paid the lemons in full and to have this happen to us, we’ve thrown away money. The problem is that we are unable to give all our farmers crates, there is never enough to give. We’re coming back tomorrow for more Lemons and this time the farmers will simply pour the Lemons onto the bed of the truck. “Buhos” this is what it’s called, no sacks or carton boxes, the way they do with tomatoes. Hopefully more Lemons will survive the trip to RuRi House. We’re helping more Lemon farmers this week—six, perhaps seven—compared to just two farmers last week. They’re all grateful in Tuba that we keep coming back. We’ll be grateful if buhos works and we’ll actually be able to dispatch more than we throw away.

GIVING AWAY HONEY. These lemons come with free honey. We are seeking your kind support for a Lemon Rescue Buy in Tuba, Benguet. If you contribute P899, your share will be 20 kilos of Lemons with a free bottle of HONEY. Only 60 members can avail.

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