KAHON PARAS AKAPATID NA KATUTUBO SA AKING KAARAWAN. Tonight is the eve of my 53rd birthday and we have decided to celebrate it next week in the form of a Box-All-You-Can for an Aeta community in Pampanga. We have been wanting to do this in a more remote sitio since BAYC Marquue, postponed several times now because when it rains even a little, the mud that forms makes it impossible for wheeled vehicles to get there. We shall do the first ever BAYC KATUTUBO EDITION in Sitio Kamatchile, Brgy, Nabuklod, Floridablanca Pampanga, a more accessible site with 300 katutubo families.

This BAYC will be THE SAME, complete with music, microphones, boxes and a queue of eager shoppers behind a barrier. Quality fruits and vegetables, of course.

This BAYC will be DIFFERENT. The shoppers will be our Aeta brothers and sisters, with children and I imagine pet dogs too, inside the safety of their own community. Not only high-quality vegetables and fruits, but also clothes, shoes, school supplies and books in there. It is not the commemoration of my birthday. It is the expression of our kindness.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO EXPRESS. If you can send us the following, we shall be happy to put them in the Box-All-You-Can crates. You may send them to RuRi House or RuRI South.

1. Canned food and drinks
2. Old but still-good shoes (no clothes for now please)
3. Old Toys
4. Old Story Books (not school books please)

DONATE A BOX HERE. We shall surely convey:

ORDER A PRE-PACKED BOX FOR YOURSELF. Because why not? You get to help in a cause and you get your own box too. 10 kilos at least in there, a. Nice variety of Rescue Fruits and vegetables, P699 pa rin.

GIVE ANY AMOUNT. There are 300 families with 100 school elementary-age children. Any amount from your heart, it is most welcome. Your P1 to P100, it can collectively buy more highland vegetables for the crates.

GIVE ANY AMOUNT FROM YOUR HEART. You may send to GCash 09175017787 or Asia United Bank (AUB), Rural Rising Philippines Inc. (Account # 545-11-000128-5).

GIVE SOME STARS. Click “Give” below.

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