BOX-ALL-YOU-CAN CARROTS. This 24-second video recently came on our social media feeds. It shows men dumping apparently perfect good CARROTS, apparently unsold, by the side of a mountain road. The video comes with poignant musis, so it instantly make you feel sad. Perhaps that was the intention. We’ve seen these scenes so many times over the course of doing Rescue Buys, we did not need the music to feel sad. We were told by its owner that it’s a recent video. She said it was taken in the town of Buguias, Benguet. So we went there, to Buguias, with an intention to help the farmers and rescue the Carrots. Despite our best effort to locate the farmers in the video, we failed. No one in the barangays we went to knew who they are but then Buguias is a town with land area spread across mountains and valleys. While we did not find the men, we found the same problem. There were indeed other Carrot struggling with over production. This is staring them in the face that if we waited and did nothing, we could make our own video of these throwing away their carrots. It won’t come to that.

Begging your humble support, we would like to declare a CARROT RESCUE BUY. We’ll take a big truck and send it to Buguias to fill up on first-class, freshly-harvested Carrots. We’ll box the carrots, ten kilos to a box or more, and send them to RuRI House and RuRi South. You are assured of a box if you are willing to pay P555 in advance. That money will help cover truck rentals cost, the cost of the box, and a good price to pay the farmers upfront. We won’t ask for a discount, we’ll pay the highest price but demand the Class-A only Carrots. The carrots will be unwashed, to best preserve them on the trip.

BAYC CARROTS. We are looking for ALL RuRI Members to join together to help the farmers of Buguias, Benguet. We are hoping to take 4 tons of Rescue Carrots and distribute them to you via a BAYC activity. Please will you support this if we gave you a box of Rescue Carrots, 10+ kilos inside, for your monetary support of P555?
This is the video that set us on the path to doing this Carrot Rescue Buy. These are pictures from Carrot Rescue Buys that we have done over the past few months.

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