BANANA RESCUE BUY. That was fun. Congratulations to the winners of the five Banana Snap Buys. Enjoy, enjoy! They are 100% organic. If you see na may puti-puti pa in the buwig, do not panic. Those are just marks from aphids (“ngusong kabayo”) and they are telling you that what you have is a rare, pesticide-free food. In these five banana Snap Buys, we introduced you to the idea of Rural Rising going back to Echague, Isabela to help our farmer friends there. We’re preparing to go to Echague, Isabela to get a truck load (4 tons) of bananas. While Typhoon Rolly spared them, they won’t be able to dodge this one if we don’t help them. A bumper crop of bananas is starting to come in and there are no buyers in sight, thanks to this COVID thing. The physical effect of a typhoon and economic glut, they are same.

I think you will remember these farmers. In the early days of Rural Rising, in May 2020, they sent us a written appeal to buy their pineapples. Our group has been able to help them, several trucks over. They are actually one of our success stories, this group of farmers, and we are one of their most vital friends. Allow us to share that letter and these videos of their bananas. Some of the biggest and most beautiful bananas we have ever seen. We’ll take 2 tons.

This is a call to our members to join BANANA RESCUE BUY. 500 pesos allows you to join and your share when the truck gets back is 10 kilos of bananas, still attached to the buwig.

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