BACK-TO-BACK BOX FOR TATALON. We’d like to do a Special Box-All-You-Can this week for the sick and elderly residents of Brgy. Tatalon in Quezon City. 

It works like this: You buy 10 kilos of assorted Rescue vegetables, we donate another 10 kilos to Brgy. Tatalon, you pay only P1,000.  

Pictures of how people live in Tatalon, particularly along the river, is shocking enough. When the flood came, you can imagine the living and food conditions to be truly pitiful. We do not know of another urban community that deserves more urgent help than Tatalon. Here is a thank you video they made for us when we last went there. That donation was powered by Rural Rising member donation such as this. 

It’s important to tell you that this effort is also going to help save a group of beleaguered farmers from impending economic ruin. These are the farmers of Brgy. Eddet, Kabayan, Benguet. If you remember, we helped them last week with the Cauliflower Rescue. They will supply the vegetables for this, possibly the last of their vegetables because they won’t be having a good harvest next month. The incessant rains has damaged and stunted the young plants so much, there is little to hope for. This effort will give them as much money as they can get for their last crop to help tide them over for impeding tough times. Please it’s important to ask you to forgive the Rescue vegetables for small physical imperfections, but we promise you that they will be as delicious even if they are not as pretty. 

If you get a BAYC FOR TATALON this week, you can help us help lift the burden not only of the sick and elderly residents of Brgy. Tatalon in Quezon City but also that of the worried farmers of Brgy. Eddet in Kabayan, Benguet. 

Available on Friday. We’ll dispatch the vegetable donations ahead of that because it’s urgent, a matter of life. 

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