GROUP BUY: ADLAI. The ADLAI Group Buy sold out so well and so quickly that a lot of members missed it. Like we said, this was our first buy from non-distressed farmers which means the supplier of ADLAI had no problem selling it; there is such demand for adlai this holiday season. If you Google ADLAI you will see it retails for as much as P400/kg—that’s how expensive/popular it is. The same farmer who gave us our stock for the first ADLAI Group Buy, we were able to convince him to give us some more. We said that we shall be working with him on our first ADLAI Growth Buy in January 2021.

So ADLAI is available again! If you missed the first ADLAI Group Buy, don’t miss this or you’ll also miss Christmas. We promise to have the ADLAI ready for pickup at RuRi House on December 22, 2020, or your money back plus a 10% penalty on us for your inconvenience. That’s how confident we are about this.

To make this happen, we’re looking for 30 people to buy 10 kilos each, pay only P2,900. For that price you’ll get 10 kilos of ADLAI packed per kilo using our new vacuum-packing machine, delivered to you in a nice pandan leaf bayong from Luisiana, Laguna.

If you are looking for a special gift for friends and family this Christmas, this is the one. If you signed in to be a Founding Member of Rural Rising, know that ADLAI will be our first Growth Buy—the least you can do is to try it and swear by it if you haven’t or don’t already.

So ADLAI GROUP BUY: Put your name on the list and send us proof of payment. Again we promise that your ADLAI will be ready for pickup on December 22, 2020 or your money back plus 10%.

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