If you remember, we did two Adlai Group Buys—the first for 320 kilos in November and the second for 350 kilos this month. The stock sold out in days which tells us that there is a very strong demand of Adlai inside the group. This indicative and the fact that we are a rice-eating nation, we are positive that there will also be strong pockets of demand for Adlai on the wider Philippine market.

WHAT IS A GROWTH BUY? The simple explanation is that it is a Group Buy with a longer waiting period, in this case it’s six months. The advantages of a Growth Buy is that the participants, who shall initially be only Rural Rising Founder Members, shall be given the opportunity to help farmers in a direct and tangible way and have as a happy side-benefit access to healthy and cheaper-priced produce. This is not Contract Growing. We shall lease the land, directly employ the farmers and farm labourers, provide the inputs necessary to grow the agricultural product, and buy the equipment necessary to process and package it. Our Primary Motivations for doing this Growth Buy are to help the farmers and farm labourers


1. We are going to grow twenty five (25) tons of Adlai in small farms spread across Batangas and Cavite. Ten hectares are being cleared as we speak, and planting shall start this January 2021.

2. Six months to grow, the Adlai harvest shall start coming in in June 2021. 3. We shall need just fifty (50) Founder Members for this Adlai Growth Buy. Each Founder Member pays Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (P25,000) for one (1) share of the harvest. One share is equivalent to one hundred (100) kilos. This is essentially getting the Adlai at just P250/kg—a very good deal. (The Selling price of Adlai onthe RuRI store is P320/kg. It sells much higher on other stores.


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