SNAP BUY: SINAMAR MANGOES. You can’t just go into the barrios and offer to buy only the biggest fruits on the tree. It’s not done like that. You have to buy the whole tree and every fruit on it, you get. We did that in Brgy. Sinamar, San Mateo, Isabela in order to fulfil our orders for mangoes. The biggest mangoes went out first, gone by the end of the day. For those asking if we have more, rueful that they missed this, yes we do. We have the smaller mangoes, the ones you call 5S. Other than size, they’re just as perfect in every way, skin- and taste-wise. We did things differently too. The smallest fruit we left on the tree and when the farmers said we should take them, we told them they could keep them. We left these farmers quite happy to have a second cropping, more income and power to them.

So back to these 5S mangoes. Let me share that I don’t bother using a knife to enjoy these babies. I take them out of the refrigerator and find a quiet corner for my private indulgence. I start with the first, bite the end off like a cigar, and peel it like a banana. God blessed humanity with carabao mangoes, that’s what I believe. In no time at all, before I am able to stop myself, I have already gone through five of these. Mango coma is real, you should try it.

Read the background story:
SINO SASAMA SA SINAMAR? We are able to find a way to send a truck to the distant town of San Mateo in Isabela Province, for NATIVE MANGOES. Mango trees grow closer to Manila, why do we need to range so far? Other farmers need help too, why this particular one? Excellent questions. We know now that the farther from the capital the farms are, the lower the prices buyers offer for the produce. Does the cost to grow, the farm inputs become any cheaper? No. The farmer simply earns less money if at all. We are in Barangay Sinamar Norte, San Mateo, Isabela because it is where our money is needed, that’s how we think about this.

We are looking for a few Rural Rising members to buy the last of the SINAMAR MANGOES. Get 5 kilos, pay only 500. Founder members get 6 kilos.

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